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Related post: Date: preteen studeo Thu, 15 Mar 2001 16:28:55 -0800 From: Justyn Subject: Reese and Me 15 - PartyReese and Me 15 - Party March 15, 2001Written by Jamie McHaleDisclaimer and preteen girls upskirts Warning - This story contains sexual content of a homosexual nature.Note - This story is the property of the writer. Any copying in part or in whole of this document is prohibited. This story is completely fictional and does not involve any real people.EMAIL me if you have any comments. ____________________________________________________________________________ Reese and Me 15 - Party The party was just starting to heat up when midnight rolled around. Reese had disappeared on preteen kiddy fucked me hours earlier, and I hadn't seen him since. But that was okay, however, because I was too busy drinking my face off. "Suck that shit back!" preteens panties samples cried Martin, egging me on. foro incest preteen As if I hadn't had enough alcohol to get preteen adolescent angels a good buzz on, I was still downing shot after shot of vodka. "Fuck!" I cried over the loud music, "You suck a couple back, Martin! Haven't seen you drinking any for a while." Martin, without hesitation, went preteen porn thumb for the bottle of vodka. He put the Smirnoff to his lips preteen dark nymphets and downed enough of the preteen violated sluts stuff to kill blog pic preteen a small animal. "There, prep-boy!" he screamed afterward, "Happy now?!" "Yip," I answered, my head spinning, "Good job, bud." I imageboard preteen xxx sucked back one more shot of the liquer, and then decided all preteen girls blowjobs of a sudden, that I'd had enough. After a short struggle, I managed to get preteen nn pix myself out of the room, which was the house's small den. Finding myself in a crowded hallway, I made my way toward what I could see was the front sitting room. This room was packed preteen model whores with people. Some of these people, I knew from school, and others I didn't. preteen photo pthc I didn't much care to talk to anyone, however. I was just looking my man. After I'd ascertained that Reese was not present in the sitting room, I staggered back into the hallway ftp preteen lo for the kitchen. Having made it though the sliding french doors, I had a maxwells preteen pics look girls preteen toplist around. There were a few people in there. I had to blink a couple of times to clearly see Chase standing by the preteen hardcore biz open padio doors. As soon as we spotted each other, he began toward me. At that point, I had to lean incest art preteen against the wall in order to stay up. "Jake, wasup?!" Chase exclaimed, walking up to me. He was obviously sober. I took in a deep breath, "Hi, Chase." "You're drunk, aren't you?" he asked immediately. I may have been severely impaired at the time, but he looked damn good. He was wearing a dark green sweater with big baggy black jeans. His hair was placed just perfectly. "Yes, I think I am," I replied, quite matter-of-factly. I laughed, "Why are you here?" "Because it's a party," he explained to me, smiling. At that point, I'm sure he knew that it probably wouldn't serve any purpose talking to me, but he stayed. He was a good friend. "You're not drinking t'night?!" I demanded, almost dropping to the floor. I had the head spins something wild. I wasn't yet feeling sick, however. "A little," Chase answered, "But I have my Mom's car, so I don't wanna over-do it." "Oh, cool." preteen russian topless "You don't have a vehicle with you, preteen xxx gallerys do you?" he asked, preteen sexpicture becoming serious. "No, of course not!" I replied, staggering toward the fridge. I opened it and had a gander at its contents. Nothing too important. Just then, I realized that I wasn't even hungry, so I closed the fridge and turned back to Chase. "You're fucking blasted!" dark preteen nude he remarked. nn bakini preteen I laughed again, pree preteen "Yeah, I know. I dunno how the fuck I'm gettin' home!" "Just sleep it off preteen panties sleeping here if you have to. I'm sure you won't be the only one. Or I could drive you home right now" Chase suggested. He leaned in a little closer. "If you're planning on staying for a bit, I can stay with you, if you want. Make sure that nothin' happens to you." Even though my mind was a blur, I know that his offer tempted me. I couldn't believe preteen japanesse photos that after all the shit I'd put extreem preteen him through, he was still willing to go out with me. I suspected that he might be in love with me. If I wasn't committed to Reese, I would have jumped at the chance to have Chase. He was everything I could want in a guy. But then, so was Reese. Just in a different way. "I don't know, Chase," I said to him, trying to be pleasant. "Reese is around here somewhere." "Oh," Chase replied, "Okay, but just remember that my offer stands." He leaned in and preteen underwear nymphets gave me a kiss on the cheek. I hoped to God that no one had seen it, and as it turns out, preteen girl pix no one had. I guess that he figured he could get away with it because I was drunk. But, I was still a little uncomfortable about it. Before I realized what had happened, Chase was gone, having disappeared out onto the padio. I again decided I should look for Reese. Sighing out loud, I stepped back into the corridor. preteen lega Making my way past couples engaged in kissing and other activities, I reached another room. It appeared to be a bedroom, but it was filled with people. After a quick visual scan, if such a thing is even possible when you're as drunk as I was, I'd pretty much determined that Reese was not in the bedroom. So, I walked to the next room, which was a second bedroom. Surprisingly, there was no one present there at all. I sighed again, turning away from the open doorway. But, as I was turning, my knee came into contact with a small table against the wall. A glass vase was knocked off of this table and broke at my feet on the hard floor. "Shit," I muttered under my breath. I looked around to see if anyone had witnessed my little accident. There was no one in the vicinity, so I resumed my search for Reese. Next, I headed russion preteen sex up the staircase for the second floor. The hallway there was littered with older guys doing drugs. I knew that if I didn't watch my step, I'd likely get my ass kicked by one of them. I cautiously made my way down the long hall, glancing into all the rooms to see if Reese was around. However, after checking every room, I still hadn't found him. I'd almost given up as I entered a large bathroom near the end of the hallway. I closed the door behind me and stepped up to the toilette. I had to piss preteen hc guestbook badly. Holding myself up with one hand, I used the other to un-do my pants and slip my cock out. It was right at that moment that a super wave of head-spins hit me in full force. I almost fell over, but managed to hold my ground and finish my job. "Fuck," I said to myself, washing my hands. I looked up into the mirror. My hair was still okay, but I looked different for some reason. "Probably just 'cause you're drunk," I told myself. The next preteenz nymphets place underage preteen gallery I looked was the basement. This area was occupied preteen preteen shelby by various groups of teenagers engaged in the consumption of alcohol, and the use of drugs (in some cases.) At first I didn't see Reese, however, someone else saw me. After being tapped on the shoulder, I whipped around to find myself staring into Meghan's face. "Hi Jake!" she exclaimed, having to scream over the blarring stereo in the nearby rec room. preteen secret sex "Hey Meghan!" man preteen sex I cried back at her. I was glad to see her, but was still looking for Reese. "What's up?!" she asked pleasantly, "You drinking tonight?!" "No," I answered, making it apparent that I youngest youngs preteen was lying. "Of course not! I don't drink, you should know that Meg!" "Haha, very funny," she replied, putting her hand on my shoulder. At first, I thought foreign preteen that she might be trying to chinese preteen tits flirt with me, but as it turns out, she was just guiding me into another room. This room, nudes preteens girls a small preteen cgiworld lsmix den off the the left of the rec room, was where I spotted someone that I didn't need to see. If I never saw this person again, I would die a happy person. "He's been asian pussy preteens here for about two hours now," Meg said in my ear. Lucky for us, Alexander didn't see us in the doorway, watching him. I knew that I was in no condition to fight. I'd had way too much to drink. "I saw him talking to Reese a few minutes ago," Meg went on, "Then, Reese took off looking for you." Shit, I thought. What did he say to him?! What was he trying to do?! Was this a new sceme of his, conconcted to try to divide Reese and I once again?! If it was, I swore right then and there that I would kill him. "Where'd Reese go?!" I demanded of Meg. She shook her head, "I dunno. He just went to look for you." "K," was my plain response. Meghan had been extremely helpful to me, letting me in on preteen peeing galleries what had been happening, however I had a mission. A mission to find my man and get preteen pics breast the real preteens sex hell outta there. And, I needed to find out what had transpired between him and Alex. If before I was only curious as to where Reese had disappeared to, now I was pissed. preteen boys pedo Pissed that I'd practically searched the entire home, and I still hadn't come any closer to finding him. I'd made it back upstairs into the front sitting room. I checked around there again, only to find that Reese still wasn't there. Afterwhich, I stepped into the kitchen. It was practically deserted. I sighed again, and turned back to the hallway, when I came face to face with my nemesis. He'd followed me up from the basement. I sucked in a deep breath before opening my mouth to speak, but I still wasn't sure what to say to him. My mind was a mess of preteen amateurs confusion, and anger since I'd laid eyes on him. "Hiya Jakey boy!" Alex cried, walking right up to me. nude preteen nudost It was at preteen russian vlad that point that I noticed he had several other guys with him. Guys photos preteen partys who didn't look too happy. shaved asian preteen Fuck, more bodyguards! I thought. "Hey," I replied dryly. preteen panties photos I feared that if I said something that he didn't like, I get my ass kicked by his preteen models models little crew. "What's up these days?!" he asked, grinning at preteenmodel pictures me. He was holding all the cards. Once again, I had to play along with his little games. tiny preteens naked "Not preteen free porn much," I told him, "Same shit." "Good," Alex said, "Well we're 3d art preteens just on preteen pics top50 our way out, and a few preteen nn samples of my buddies here were wondering if you could supply the blowjobs at my place. We're all getting together there." I was so enraged that he would even ask me something like that. "You fucken ass hole," I let slip out, "Why don't you do that for them, Alex?! You seem to know a lot preteen showing underwear about suckin' cock!" Suddenly I felt a blow to my gut. A hard blow. european porn preteen I was doubled over when a foot knocked me right onto the floor. Laying there photos preteen pedo on my side, I debated wether or not I should get back up and try to fight. But I decided that it would be no use, and I'd just make things worse for myself. I heard the gang of guys talking something over before Alex wet hot preteens finally knelt down beside me. "Next time, Jake," he whispered, "Next preteen nymph post time, and I'll kill you. Along with you little boyfriend, Reese!" There was so much rage and animosity in his voice, that I knew he meant every word. But, I also knew that he'd be needing his little gang of buddies to help him. That was okay, I intended to be ready. After the hit to the stomach, pictures preteen naked I felt the need to get myself to the nearest bathroom. There was one adjacent to the sitting room. Happy to see that it was vacant, I closed the door behind me and moved for the toilette. I was down on my knees in front of it, praying to God that I wouldn't have to throw up. It sure felt like it though, and a couple of minutes later, I released the contents of my stomach in models preteen cute several major contractions. After it was over, I made my way over to the sink to rince my mouth out and wash my hands. I was still breathing heavily when the bathroom door suddenly opened. And who comes in - Reese. "My man!" I cried, exstatic. I turned to him, immediately taking him into my arms. "Hey," Reese said, "I've been looking all over for you," he explained, hugging me. "Me too," I replied, "I couldn't find you though." After I'd thrown up, I felt a little better. Things suddenly didn't seem so hazzy. "I saw Alex," Reese told me, pulling out of the hug. "He started talking to me downstairs." "I know. What'd he say to you?" I touched the side of his face with my fingers. He was so cute. I wanted to have him right there and then. "What do you mean, you know?" he asked, raising an eyebrow at me. preteen barefoot girls "I talked to Meghan downstairs. Now, what'd he say?" I explained, stepping even closer to him. He obviously wasn't nearly as drunk as I was, but I could tell preteen erections photos that he was still in the mood to get it on. "He just started talking about you, sayin' that you were calling him up and shit," Reese began, rubbing the front of my shirt. "I knew he was lying anyway." "Yup . . . " I slowly got down on my knees in front of him. I suddenly had the urge to suck him off. Running his fingers through my hair as I rubbed the growing bulge in his khaki cargo pants, Reese let out a groan. "Did you have the pleasure of seeing him tonight?" he asked with a faint voice. tessa preteen model "Yeah," I answered. "I think he punched me in the gut." preteen preview nude Reese suddenly ended all contact with me. And naked preteens pictures I was just about to unzip him! "He did what?! When?! Where?! That son horny petite preteens of a bitch!" I went for his dick again, "In the kitchen, like two seconds ago. I'm okay though." He allowed me access to his genitals, once again. "I'm gonna kick the fuck outta him the next time I see him! If I ever see him without all his friends!" Reese was mad, however he did gradually resume running his fingers through my hair. After unzipping him, I spent some time beating his cock through his boxers. Afterwhich, I pulled out all eight inches of it and began sucking him preteen gymnast pictures off. Reese was finally silent as I blew him. The only sound I preteen ebbs bbs heard from him was his breathing. He was really enjoying it, but so was I. At first, I wasn't certain what had gotten into me. But, I soon realized that it was the atmosphere of the party, with preteen galleriesnude girls the drinking, and the people making out everywhere. My inspiration for our current actions wasn't really all that important, however, because it wouldn't last very long. preteens art nudes Bang, bang, bang! Someone was knocking on the locked bathroom door, hard. "Shit!" uttured Reese, backing away from me. He immediately concealed his erect cock in his pants, and turned to open the door. "Ready, Jake?" he asked, glancing back at me. I'd stood up, "Yep, go ahead." I was a little pissed that someone had to come along and interrupt us, but it wasn't as though it happened very often. Slowly, Reese unlocked and opened the door. As it turns out, it was just a couple of guys who needed to use the toilette. As newstar cutie preteen they pushed their way in, they didn't even bother to ask us why we were in there together. I smiled at Reese as thai preteen nudes the two guys both got around the toilette to do their business at the same time. preteen foto top He grinned back and we made our way out of the bathroom and into the hallway. "Maybe they're gonna have a sword fight," Reese remarked, laughing as he walked past the sitting room I laughed a little, then preteen dvd turned to my man, "You wanna leave now?" "Sure," he replied without apprehension. "Calling a cab?" He was so sober, and I was so drunk. I almost wished that I hadn't had so much to drink. "Naw, let's just walk, it's not far anyway." "K," Reese agreed. And with that, we collected our shoes and stepped gallery preteen nymphets out of the house. I estimated that the walk home would take no more than ten minutes. But these would be minutes that Reese and I could use to talk. "Reese?" I said, walking close to him on the deserted sidewalk. "Yeah?" he replied, smiling at me. "What happened to us before?" I wouldn't have asked that question had I been sober. He and I had decided to leave our problems where they belonged, in the past. "I dunno . . . bbs sun preteens We just faught a lot," Reese tried to explain. He was never too good with words. "It's cool now that we don't fight, huh?" "Yeah," Reese answered, preteen model cameltoe smiling again. I was drunk as shit and he knew it! "Sorry for bringing it up," I said, touching his shoulder. dream nude preteens "It's ok, Jake," he told me, "We're happy now." It felt so good to hear that. "You're sleeping at my house." "Am I?" he asked, surprised that what I'd natural preteen pics said had come out more as an order than a request. "Yup! 'Cause I wanna have some sex!" I seemed only to be getting drunker at that point. Reese nervously looked around, making sure no one had heard me. "Jake, lower your voice, bud." "Relax," I told him, cracking a smile, "There's no one around." Right then, a black SUV with all the windows down drove by. The music was blarring, however I made out a clear voice say, "Hey hot guys!" Reese and I both japanesegirls preteen preteen angel free stopped in our tracks to examine the passing vehicle, however neither of us knew who it was. After a couple moments of silence, we just shrugged and continued walking. Reese laughed, "Damn!" he cried, porno preteen sites "I must be right hot!" I preteen models tube remember thinking, "You conceited bastard," but I decided to play along. "What do you mean?" I said, "They were talking to me!" We both got a little laugh out preteen bikini tgp of that, and soon arrived at my house. Reese knew preteen sex download he was in for it as we entered my basement rec room. I intended to suck him dry. "You going anywhere tomorrow night?" he asked, taking off his shirt. Like I said, he knew that he was in for it. "No," I replied, "Nothing planned." I took off all my clothes except for my boxers and began to pull out the hide-a-bed. "Wanna come with me to Sherri Ferro's?" he asked, climbing into the bed. "Sherri Ferro? Who the fuck is that?" I demanded, hesitating to get into bed with him. "She's in my history class," he explained, "She was at the party. She invited me to her house tomorrow night. Guess she's having a party." None of this seemed important to Reese. He just figured we'd go to this chick's party and nothing would happen. I knew very well that this girl probably had the hots for him. And she'd be trying something with him if we attended her party. "Reese," I began, standing there in front of the bed. Reese was already lightly beating his cock, getting it hard. "You want to go to this chick's house?" "Yeah," he said in response. preteen naughty models "Why not?" "Because she's gonna make a move on you that's why." "Oh, gimme a break. She's inviting everyone." I was getting pissed. Not so much because he intended to go to this party, but because he didn't seem to understand why something like this would worry me. For the moment, however, I decided just to drop it. We'd talk about it in the morning or something. "Whatever," I said, getting into bed with him, finally. As soon as I settled in next to free preteen Reese, he pulled back the covers revealing his erect penis. I looked at it, then up at him. He grinned. I fake smiled back at him, and took his dick in my hand. "Don't think because I'm drunk that it's gonna be you on the receiving end all night." Reese didn't bother to answer me. Immediately after I was done my sentence, he went into action, jumping on top of me. We locked into a passionate embrace. He proceeded to work at my dick through my boxers. Breathing hard, I rubbed his tight little ass with both hands. He went down to my neck, kissing preteen girl nylons and biting me. I moaned slightly, "My man!" I cried. "You bet your ass I'm your man!" he cried back. And after hearing that, any worries about him ending up fooling around with some chick were extinguished. He was a loyal boyfriend. He'd never cheated, even after what I'd done to him. God, I loved him. candid preteens pics The next hour was spent making love. At the end, I was doubled over, hanging onto the end of the couch as Reese pounded me doggy style. His sweet moans registered in my ears after the first ten minutes. I was loving it just as much as he was, though. As his climax approached, he thrusted harder and farther into me. I smiled, as he gripped my legs from behind, fucking me good. Then, as my sweat poured down onto the sheets below my little preteen us, Reese gave a slight cry, signalling that he was ready to spray. He took it out of me, and jerked his eight inches twice, initiating the orgasm. Pointing away from the bed, he blew it onto the floor, with one thundering shot after another. Panting, Reese dropped back onto the bed, going for his boxers. After slipping them back on, we climbed back into the covers together. The sex had been good, which meant that Reese would be in extasy for preteen nip slips at least the next five minutes. I held him close, and we fell asleep together not long afterward. Keep those comments coming, at!
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